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Enjoy a day at the beginning of Gwangalli Sky Lounge

breakfast 2

Gwangalli Busan city and its beautiful ocean view Breakfast in lounge SKY!
Our Sky Lounge is a very good light There is a nine-storey hotel is located on the side of glass.
I will welcome your valuable ttasaropge bright day trip.
breakfast 4
Breakfast Time: 6am to 9am
Menu: Western and Korean-style buffet
* The menu changes daily in a rotation
* Korean: rice, soup, porridge, Bulgogi (Korean sweet BBQ), stir-fried dishes including potatos and Korean anchovies, Kimchi, Japchae (stir-fried vegetable and glass noodle) etc.

* Western: white bread, salad, butter, strawberry jam, scrambled eggs, seasonal fruit, orange juice, coffee, milk, etc.

Breakfast Fee: FREE for room guests
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